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Welcome to Ahlam Musandam Tours, one of the most comprehensive and experienced travel agent, built on pure passion, The team boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience across the culture, heritage and landscapes of Oman. We are proud ourselves on providing first class service, where guests can enjoy the 'real Oman special focus' on Musandam, Khasab tourism with an exquisite range of amazing packages for perfect holiday tours in Oman. Besides that we are assuring glorious and fantastic holiday experiences that will definitely give heartfelt memories. Our excellent team work has played a progressive harmony in delivering the quality products with a touch of difference. Our excellent team work make 'Build Memories' in every tour. Our vision is to be A-One of-a-kind tourism business that transform experiences into unique and memorable moments, full-filling dreams and desires from an authentic Arabian experience. Behind our successful business, is an enthusiastic and passionate team.

Comfort & Safety

Our experience in the tourism industry has built a culture of excellence, as evidenced by our need to provide total comfort, unfaltering safety and above- expectations level of customer care to our clients. We make reliability and safety our standard, and as we understand that these are things that our clients need and relish.

Quality & Services

For many, travelling is a dream. And with this, we want to be the ones to help you make your dreams come true by providing unparalleled service. Our tour packages are very customizable, fit to every traveler’s needs.

Oman Musandam Tours

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