Half-day Dhow Cruise

Khasab Musandam Half-day Dhow Cruise

In life, it’s sometimes a good idea to take detours. They show you different paths, journeys less travelled, and endeavours to provide new experiences.
So, do you plan to take a small detour on the UAE tour at Khasab Musandam?
That might be one of the best experiences in your life.
Welcome to Ahlam Musandam Tours – The one-stop destination for the best that Khasab Musandam Fjords has to offer.
Take a cruise to Khasab Musandam, where the beauty is radiant, and the waters are as clear as the blue skies. Khasab Musandam and the Musandam Fjords located there will offer you the ideal opportunity to experience snorkelling, Swimming and greet the dolphins along the way.
Through the Half Day Dhow cruise arranged by Ahlam Musandam Tours, gain a glimpse into the mesmerizing beauty of Musandam Fjords.
So, experience Khasab Musandam most efficiently. Join the journey, today!!
Ahlam Musandam Tours endeavours to enrich your soul through travels. We have several Khasab Musandam activities in store for our customers. We have received accolades from various customers we’ve served over the years and are also the proud winners of the “Trip Advisor Travellers Choice of the Year Award,2022”.
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Book the half-day dhow cruise and ensure that your trip will be memorable, enjoyable, and enlightening.

Khasab Musandam Activities on a Half Day Dhow Cruise:

Khasab Musandam Half-day tours deem to be one of the fun activities you embark on in a lifetime. Ahlam Musandam tours have planned and arranged several activities for our fellow travellers, and they are indeed, Adventurous!!
On arrival at the Dhow boarding point at Khasab, it’s time to embark on a wonderful cruise on a traditional Omani Dhow. When you’re travelling across the UAE, time is of the essence and the half-day dhow cruise has been arranged for your convenience.
Sail seamlessly through the azure waters, witness the Fjords and experience neighbouring fishing villages as well. Go Swimming and snorkelling at select locations during the Khasab Musandam half-day dhow cruise.
Enter the home of cute, funny and majestic creatures of the sea only known as the Dolphin. It’s a constantly occurring phenomenon that’ll come up when you’re cruising through the waters of Musandam Fjord.
While you’re basking in the view of the breathtaking dolphins, we’ve arranged some assorted snacks, soft drinks, fresh fruits, traditional Oman coffees and tea onboard for our esteemed guests.
The half-day dhow cruise deems to be one of the time-efficient, exciting and worthwhile experiences of your life.

Musandam fjord (Khor Ash-Sham)

Musandam Fjord or Khor Ash Sham is the pinnacle of beauty that Khasab Musandam has to offer. This beautiful combination of water bodies and unique terrains is located in Wilayat Khasab, Musandam Peninsula.
The inlet is calm, sheltered and surrounded by high mountains that encapsulate the beauty of Oman. The lagoon covers over 17 kilometres and is indeed breathtaking.
The area overlooks several fishing villages such as Nadifi, Qanah, Maqlab, Sham and Seeb which will be on the route that the dhow cruise will embark upon. However, gaining access to these unique fishing villages is only achieved through speed boats.
Apart from the breath-taking beauty and several fishing villages, the main attraction at Musandam Fjords is the cute, loving and playful Dolphins.
The Dolphins are native to Musandam fjords and have been born and raised in the vicinity. The Half Day dhow cruise aims to explore and interact with these magnificent mammals and get to know them on a personal level. While you’re on a traditional dhow, you can see them swimming alongside the dhows in an attempt to race them as a fun activity.

Musandam Fjord - A Great place for snorkelling

Apart from the lovely mammals and breathtaking views, Musandam Fjords are considered a great destination for snorkelers. Along with the fun-loving dolphins, you can snorkel or swim into the Musandam fjords and witness reef fish, coral reefs, depending on luck, reef sharks, and green turtles also in the blue sea. It’s considered a perfect destination for swimming and snorkelling as the water is crystal clear and clean.
A fun fact about one of the locations is that a small island known as Telegraph Island was used in 1864 as a base to connect to the telegraph cable.
The traditional dhow will be taking guests to this location to witness a piece of the history of Khasab Musandam.

Dolphins in the Musandam fjords (Khor Sham)

Dolphins are one of the most fun, loving and unique mammals blessed on this earth for people to interact with. They are smart, agile and active in their natural habitat.
A dolphin-watching trip is one of the main highlights of the half day dhow cruise at Khasab Musandam. It isn’t every day you get a chance to interact and see them in their natural habitat.
Dolphins are intelligent animals with complex social structures and are friendly sea mammals who enjoy following traditional boats. Once the captain finds them, he reaches close to them and shifts gear to pick up speed thereby attracting them to race. Their fascination with boats is adorable and is a lovely sight to witness. The travellers journeying with us can enjoy the rare moments of watching the exciting and active dolphins closing in.
Hence, through the half day dhow cruise, the dolphin trip is going to be one of the highlights of your whole trip to Oman.


Here’s a fun fact we want to let you in on. Did you know that there is only a specific type of Dolphin that you can see in Khor Sham?
Well, the one type of Dolphin seen in Khor Sham Fjord is the “Humpback Dolphin”, and they always travel in groups. While cruising through Musandam Fjord, you can witness the mystery and wonder of watching baby dolphins alongside their families. There is no better sight than that.
So, choose from one of our best Khasab Musandam boat tour deals and experience the voyage of a lifetime.

Food, Beverages & Refreshments


Apples, oranges, and bananas

Unlimited Soft drinks, plain water, and traditional Oman coffee and tea.

Snorkelling gear and life jackets.

Basic toilet and shower facility & Towel


Difference between full day and half day dhow cruise

Musandam Fjord is wide, and there are a lot of things to see in this magnificent place. On a full-day dhow cruise or a half-day dhow cruise, guests can witness and experience several things as follows:

Full Day Dhow Cruise

Explore Musandam Fjord (Khor Sham) in Its entirety. Guests will also be able to witness Khor Sham and all of its unique locations through the Khasab Musandam boat trip.

Explore 2 separate points in Musandam Fjord with the possibility of seeing dolphins.

Enjoy Oman delicacies and delicious food for lunch while cruising on the traditional dhow.

Enjoy the first swimming and snorkelling session at Telegraph Island before lunch & enjoy the second swimming and snorkelling session at Seebi Island after lunch

The journey ends at Khasab port


Half Day Dhow Cruise

Explore Half of Musandam Fjord (Khor sham)

Explore the 1 point in Musandam Fjord with the possibility of seeing dolphins

Lunch is not included

Enjoy swimming and snorkelling sessions at Telegraph Island

The journey ends at Khasab port

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