Full Day Dhow Cruise in the Khasab Musandam Fjords

Do you dream of extravagant and mesmerizing vacations? Are you looking for affordable and best prices for Khasab Musandam Dhow Cruise and tours? Well, it’s our responsibility to provide you with the best possible vacation offers.

Welcome to Ahlam Musandam Tours – The one-stop destination for the best that Khasab Musandam Fjords offers. Experience the beauty and heritage of Musandam through the Khasab Musandam dhow trip. It shall offer you the ideal opportunity to experience snorkelling, adventures, and meet with dolphins. Dolphins are known to be among the friendliest sea mammals in the world, and enjoying some quality time with them is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the Musandam Fjords’ shoreline as you gaze out over the Fjords’ crystal-clear waters. Experience the stunning views of the remote beaches, Telegraph Island, and several rural fishing settlements. So why wait for the best tour of your life?

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Ahlam Musandam Tours endeavours to enrich your soul through travels. We have several Khasab Musandam activities in store for our customers. We have received accolades from various customers we’ve served over the years and are also the proud winners of the “Trip Advisor Travellers Choice of the Year Award,2022”.

We believe that a journey is an awakening to reality and the mysteries the world holds. Every experience enhances the perception and enables the discovery of new and interesting elements in life. To serve our customers better, we offer and guarantee the best prices possible, free cancellations, customized plans, and so much more. Choose us and experience Musandam from a different perspective.

Book the full-day dhow tour and ensure that your trip will be memorable, enjoyable, and enlightening.

Khasab Musandam Day Cruise Activities

Join our Full-day Khasab dhow cruise to explore the historical Telegraph Island and view the breathtaking Musandam Fjords. On reaching the Dhow boarding point at Khasab, you embark on a cruise in a traditional Omani Dhow. Set your sights and sail through the azure waters to the Khor Sham fjord, where the natural community of dolphins welcomes you to the silence of the sea. Enjoy the Musandam sea activities you’ll witness on the cruise of a lifetime.

We have two anchoring areas for snorkelling and swimming near the historical Telegraph Island also known as Jazrat al Maqlab, and the Seebi Island in pristine waters teeming with friendly colourful fish. Snorkelling and swimming in the clear waters are exciting and in addition, watch dolphins swim along with you.

Fishing villages like Nadifi, Qanah, Maqlab, Sham, and Seebi, in the backdrop picturesque mountains with serene remote white sand beaches. Dolphins are wonderful creatures frequently seen in the area and make an entrance during the cruise. Their unique voices, cute smiles and the way they fly through the air will leave you impressed and astonished at the beauties the oceans have to offer.

We also offer guests soft drinks, fresh fruits, coffee & tea, and lunch onboard. Snorkelling equipment, life jackets, and towels will be provided free of charge.


Musandam fjord (Khor Ash-Sham)

Musandam fjord (Khor Ash-Sham) is located in Wilayat Khasab, Musandam peninsula. The inlet is calm, sheltered, and surrounded by high mountains. This lagoon covers 17 kilometres. Several fishing villages overlook Khor Sham, like Nadifi, Qanah, Maqlab, Sham, and Seeb and gaining access to villages can only be achieved through speed boats.

The main attraction in the Musandam fjord is the dolphin watching trip. This trip is organized to witness the dolphins in their natural environments. There is a possibility to see dolphins swimming alongside the traditional dhows.

Along with the fun-loving dolphins, we can also witness reef fish, Coral reefs, depending on the luck Reef sharks, and green turtles also in the blue sea. It’s considered a perfect destination for swimming and snorkelling as the water is crystal clear and clean.

Located in the middle of Khor Sham is a small island known as Telegraph Island. It was used in 1864 as a base to connect to the telegraph cable.


Telegraph Island

Telegraph Island, better known as Jazīrat al Maqlab is situated in the middle of the Musandam fjord (Khor Ash-Sham). The island is near the inner inlet of Khasab Bay, at the northern end of the Musandam Peninsula, a prominent part of the Sultanate of Oman.

The name “Telegraph” comes from the telegraph-cable repeater station built on the island in 1864. It was the location of a British repeater station used to boost telegraphic messages along the Persian Gulf submarine cable. This telegraph station was a part of the London to Karachi telegraphic cable. It further was extended to Basra in Iraq and Mumbai in India. The colonial expansion of the British Empire in the 19th century required a fast and reliable system of communication to enable the British government in London to issue instructions and receive information quickly. That is the historical significance of Telegraph Island and is one of the pit stops in the Khasab Musandam Dhow Cruise.


Dolphins in the Musandam fjords (Khor Sham)

A dolphin-watching trip is the main highlight of Musandam boat tours. It’s not every day that you get a chance to interact and see the dolphins in their natural habitat. The dolphin trip in Musandam Khasab Oman is one of the finest moments where passengers can interact the closest with dolphins.

Dolphins are intelligent animals with complex social structures and are friendly sea mammals who enjoy following traditional boats. Once the captain finds them, he reaches close to them and changes the gear to make more speed to attract them. Their fascination with boats is adorable and is a lovely sight to witness. The travellers journeying with us can enjoy the rare moments of watching the exciting and active dolphins closing in.

Here’s a fun fact we want to let you in on. Did you know that there is only a specific type of Dolphin that you can see in Khor Sham?

Well, the one type of Dolphin seen in Khor Sham Fjord is the “Humpback Dolphin”, and they reside in a group. While cruising through the sea, you could witness the mystery and wonder of watching baby dolphins alongside their families. There is no better sight than that.

So, choose from one of our best Khasab Musandam boat tour deals and experience the voyage of a lifetime.

Food, Beverages & Refreshments

Traditional Oman lunch includes fried chicken, fried rice, green salad, Khubz (Arabic Bread), Hummus, vegetable gravy, fruits, unlimited water, and soft drinks.
Apple, orange, and banana
Unlimited Soft drinks, plain water, and traditional Oman coffee and tea.
Snorkelling gear and life jackets.
Basic toilet and shower facility & Towel

Why book with us?

Ahlam Musandam Tours believes that memories are created and when you make them, let them be great. We endeavour to serve our customers with the best of services and engage them in the best of experiences. We have received several accolades including the ‘Trip Advisor Travellers Choice of the Year Award, 2022’.

  1. Easy Bookings
  2. Instant Confirmations
  3. Reschedule Anytime
  4. Free Cancellations
  5. Exciting On Season and Off Seasons Discounts

Cancellation policy

Ahlam Musandam Tours offers a 24-hour cancellation policy on Full day dhow cruise of the fjords of Musandam journeys and Musandam sea activities as per the packages chosen. So, worry not, if you’ve got a change of any plans, let us know.



09.45 AM: Arrival in Khasab
When you arrive at Khasab, meet our representative at Khasab port. They will take care of all the details and guide you to the dhow boarding point
10.00 AM: The cruise starts from Khasab Harbor
Enjoy a ride in a traditional Omani dhow from Khasab port to explore the thrilling and exotic sights and activities that Musandam fjord has to offer.
10.30 AM: Khor Sham
The inlet is calm, sheltered, and surrounded by high mountains. This lagoon covers 17 kilometres. On the route to Telegraph Island, enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Musandam fjords coastline, remote beaches, and dolphin viewing. Witness the beauty of the fishing villages in Khor Sham from the dhow.
10.40 AM: Dolphin View
When you enter the fjords there is a possibility to see the dolphins, and our trained captain will manoeuvre the dhow to get you as close as to see the dolphins. Experience the speed, elegance, and strength of dolphins in the tranquil waters of the fjords, as they swim alongside your traditional dhow.
11:00 AM: Reach Nadifi
This is the first Village of the Musandam fjords hosting around 100 inhabitants. Most of the villagers residing here are fishermen. There is no land access to the village, so most of the villagers own small speedboats. An interesting fact about the place is that the children travel by boat to school.
11.15 AM: Reach Qanaha
Qanaha is one of the smallest fishing villages in Khor sham with Approximately 50 inhabitants. The typical stone houses are the speciality of the village. The village can be seen up close from the dhow, however, guests are not allowed to enter the fishing villages.
11:30 AM: Reach Maqlab
Maqlab is a beautiful mountain village where the people are earning their livelihood by goat-herding and fishing, considered the main occupation of the area. This small village is made up of only around 10 houses and mesmerizing greenery.
11:50 AM: Telegraph Island 1st Swimming & Snorkeling stop.
Once the dhow arrives at the historical Telegraph Island, it will anchor there for our guests to enjoy swimming in the clean, crystal-clear water and, if interested, experience snorkelling as well.
01.00 PM: Lunch on board
Swimming and snorkelling build up a good appetite, and we’re prepared to deal with that. After the swimming and snorkelling, a delicious traditional Oman lunch will be served. It includes fried chicken, fried rice, green salad, Khubz (Arabic bread), hummus, vegetable gravy, fruits, unlimited water, and soft beverages.
01.30 PM: Saling to Seebi Island
At about 1:30 PM we’ll be heading out on the boat to Seebi island right after lunch is served.
02.00 PM: Seebi Island 2nd Swimming & Snorkeling Stop
The swimming and snorkelling experiences don’t stop there. We’ll be anchoring at Seebi Island for swimming and snorkelling. Explore the clear, clean waters with colourful fishes there & witness the great deep with mesmerizing clarity. The water is so clear that you can see the bottom of the ocean.
03.00 PM: Second Dolphin Sightings
The next leg of the journey will see our guests travelling from Seebi island and sailing to Sham. On the way, there is the possibility to view Dolphins again.
03.15 PM: Sailing to Khasab fort
The journey continues, and on the way, you can see how the colours of the mountains change as you travel to Khasab port via sham dhow. The geological rock formations are absolutely stunning, so don’t forget to capture the moments on your camera.
04.00 PM: Blissful end to a magnificent trip.
The final destination of the trip reaches Khasab port. The journey doesn’t end here, and the best memories live on as you go through life. We hope to have you back soon to take you on new adventures. Exploration Awaits!!!

Khasab Musandam Tour Highlights

Full Day Dhow Cruise
Sail among Fjords
Dolphin watching
Telegraphic Island Visit
Discover the Fishing Villages
Seebi Island Visit
Soft Drinks & Water
Fresh Fruits
Buffet Lunch
Tea & Coffee
Snorkeling Kits
Life Jacket
Traditional seat arrangements
Dhow has the facility for toilet and dress changing room
Fresh water for shower, hand wash, tissue papers
Experienced captains and accompanying guides for every trip

Visa requirements

For a 10-day Oman visit, the visa is 05/-OMR or 50/- AED and, the UAE exit fee is 35/- AED each (UAE residents and UAE tourist visa holders)
Visas can be obtained from the border or guests can apply for an online visa at the Oman E-visa website.
You must carry a vehicle registration (Mulika) to cross the border
If you are renting a car, remember to carry a NOC certificate from the car company to cross the border
One month of Oman insurance is available at the border at (OMR 10/-)
Sponsored (dependent) visa holders are only allowed with sponsors to cross the border.
Make sure your UAE resident visa will not expire within 90 days from the travel date.

Nationalities Allowed

Oman is a beautiful place to visit however, Oman only allows certain nationalities to attain a visa or an on-arrival visa. Please refer to the website to check out the eligibility.

Guests travelling from certain nationalities are not eligible for an arrival visa. Before booking, please make sure you’ll be eligible to get an on-arrival visa, and if necessary, we can arrange 10 days Oman visit visa. We kindly request that all passengers carry their original passports with a minimum of 3 months validity.

Which Nationalities can get an arrival visa at the Oman border? All GCC nationals, Australia, Andorra, Austria, Brunei, Bulgaria, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay Portugal, Poland, Romania, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA, Vatican, and Russia. Please contact us if your country is not on the above list


For quick info:

Call & WhatsApp 00968-98597784
Email: mail@amtoursoman.com
Is there free parking in the Khasab dhow port?
Yes, there is enough free parking available in the Khasab Musandam dhow port.
How do I get to Khasab Musandam Dhow Cruise & Camping?
The process is quite simple if you’re going through Ahlam Musandam Tours. We’ll guide you to your destination and get you on the Khasabn Musandam Dhow Cruise Trip. Our packages include a full-day cruise however to avail yourself on camping trips as well, we can add a customized plan for you as well.
What are the tourist visa policies for people visiting Oman?
1. For a 10-day Oman visit, the visa is 05/-OMR or 50/- AED and, the UAE exit fee is 35/- AED each (UAE residents and UAE tourist visa holders)
2. Visas can be obtained from the border or guests can apply for an online visa at the Oman E-visa website.
3. You must carry a vehicle registration (Mulika) to cross the border.
4. If you are renting a car, remember to carry a NOC certificate from the car company to cross the border
5. Sponsored (dependent) visa holders are only allowed with sponsors to cross the border.
6. Make sure your UAE resident visa will not expire within 90 days from the travel date. In case of any doubts, contact us at 00968-98597784 or mail@amtoursoman.com
What are the Covid 19 Rules for people visiting Oman?
There are no covid 19 restrictions, The Oman authorities have removed all COVID-19 restrictions. The borders are fully open for both UAE residents and UAE tourist visa holders.
The closest airport, cruise ship – travel facilities?
The closest airport to Khasab Musandam is the Khasab Airport and, Cruise ship terminal is Khasab port, from there on through Ahlam Musandam Tours, we shall take you to the Port for the Musandam Dhow Cruises. Refer to our plans to know more.
Where can I book a Khasab Musandam dhow cruise?
If you plan to visit Khasab Musandam, better book the dhow cruise in advance it saves you time and helps you to enjoy a hassle-free vacation. For quick booking: Call & WhatsApp 00968-98597784, mail@amtoursoman.com
Do I need to know how to swim?
You don’t have to know how to swim, for non-swimmers, we will provide life jackets, which can keep you afloat and safe, more comfortable in the water.
Is it possible to book a Khasab Musandam private dhow trip?
Yes. If you’re looking for more comfort and privacy, booking a private/exclusive dhow cruise is the best option. It’s Ideal for a family vacation, an escape with friends, a honeymoon expedition, a birthday, a wedding anniversary, etc.
Is it possible to book a Musandam dhow cruise day tour from Dubai?
Yes, you can book a day trip from Dubai. We organize Khasab Musandam day trips with pick-up from different locations in UAE, or you can book a self-drive basis.

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