Overnight Stay on the Dhow
Khasab Musandam

Overnight Stay on the Dhow with Full day cruise

The night sky, the calm waters and an experience of a lifetime at Khasab Musandam. Is it worth an overnight dhow cruise in Khasab Musandam?
The stunning Musandam Fjords will be an unforgettable overnight experience. The beauty of the sea and the starry night sky will entice your senses and unlock new levels of relaxation.
Wind down, rejuvenate and wake up to the sun shimmering over the water, greeted by the dolphins and coloured fishes surrounding you in the amazing Musandam Fjords. The sun setting behind the mountains will be matched by sunrise over the sea, with dolphins jumping in the calm waters. Experience and enjoy the 1 night 1 day (24 hrs) cruise in the fjord’s spectacular soaring rocky peaks. It’s isolated remote beaches, dolphins, corals, coloured fishes, swimming, and snorkelling in the crystal-clear blue sea.
It’s going to be a tranquil and relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Dive into the home of stunning seashores and great sea adventures, and explore underwater reefs and corals by snorkelling and swimming in the tranquil Seawaters of Musandam Khasab. It is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Witness the beauty of the night in the great Oman sea, discover ancient villages, swim and snorkel in the clear water of Telegraph Island and Seebi Island, and visit Khor Shem, Qanaha, and Maqlab along the way. There is a strong possibility that you may see dolphins.
Additionally, BBQ Dinner, Breakfast, unlimited soft drinks, and fruits are served on board. Snorkelling kits, Lifejackets, and towels shall be provided at your convenience. We have a dedicated travel assistant team that’ll help you with your every need and request. We believe that overnight On Dhow is a unique and special holiday alternative. This will turn out to be the right time to take your family and friends to a great place and create everlasting memories.
Reserve your Khasab Musandam overnight dhow cruise tickets, today!!!
Overnight On Dhow Cruise - A Guide
Your excitement for exploring the crystal clear waters of Kahsab Musandam fuels our endeavours.
Here's a list of what's in store for you on the overnight dhow cruise.
Musandam fjord Khor Ash-Sham
People visiting from far corners of the world have deemed that the Khasab Musandam Overnight Dhow Cruise experience is one of the best in the world. The highlights of the overnight dhow cruise at Khasab Musandam are of mindblowing beauty of the starlit sky, the crystal clear waters and a calm embrace that hasn’t been experienced ever before.

Hence, The Musandam fjord, owing to its mesmerizing beauty and grandeur has been titled the “Norway of Arabia”, located in Wilayat Khasab, Musandam peninsula. This beautiful body of water is mesmerizing, and under the night sky, it’s a soothing sight to behold. The inlet is calm, sheltered, and surrounded by high mountains. This lagoon covers 17 kilometres. Travellers can witness the fun-loving dolphins in the mornings.

Watching dolphins in the morning will put you at ease and give your day a positive glow. Along with that, we can witness reef fish, Coral reefs, depending on the luck reef sharks, and green turtles also in the blue sea. It’s considered a perfect destination for swimming and snorkelling as the water is crystal clear and clean. After a night on the lagoon, it’s going to be a surprise and a wonderful sight for your eyes.

Barbeque feast

What’s a nice overnight dhow cruise without a few local cuisine and refreshments?
Gorge on the taste of Khasab Musandam with delicious barbeques, sauteed and barbecued to your preferences. Enjoy delicious pita bread with succulent varieties of barbeque meat on the side that will invigorate your senses, calm your nerves, and will also be a treat for your body. In addition, depending upon the seasons, we will provide different varieties of seafood as well, depending on the availability of the same.
After the fulfilling meal, we’ve got unlimited refreshments such as juice and Oman’s special tea as well. Relax and enjoy the scenic view while you sip on ecstasy.

Night under the stars:

With the world changing into the ultra-modern phase, sometimes we forget to witness the night sky filled with stars. On the overnight dhow cruise at Khasab Musandam, relax and experience the eternal beauty of the milky way galaxy bestowed upon you through the various constellations, stars and other outer bodies from the comfort of the cruise. This exclusive overnight dhow cruise will be a memory, a moment you cannot forget.

Sunrise Snorkelling:

Dive into the crystal clear waters at the break of dawn. Engage in snorkelling activities and witness the Musandam Fjord at its best. The smell of the lagoon, fresh air, birds chirping and best of all, it’s going to be a refreshing swim that you’ll hardly experience anywhere else in the world. So book the overnight dhow cruise today to experience early morning snorkelling vibes.

Leisurely fishing:

Enter the realm of the sea, consisting of various fishes, crustations and other unique sea creatures. Experience the fishing methods followed in Khasab Musandam while on overnight dhow cruise with day tour. Traditional fishing rods and, bait shall be provided by us. We’ll also show you the best spots to reel in your fishes.
The fishing experience is only provided in the overnight on dhow with full day dhow cruise exclusively, hence it will be a relaxing and fun endeavour. If your’re luckty you could be grilling some delicious fish for yourself. It surely will be a true family experience.
To the victor goes the fish!!!

Why book with us?

Ahlam Musandam Tours believes that memories are created and when you make them, let them be great. We endeavour to serve our customers with the best of services and engage them in the best of experiences. We have instore for all travels the best overnight dhow cruise in Kahsab Musandam. We have received several accolades including the ‘Trip Advisor Travellers Choice of the Year Award, 2022’.
We also offer:

1. Easy Bookings
2. Instant Confirmations
3. Reschedule Anytime
4. Free Cancellations
5. Exciting On Season and Off Seasons Discounts

Cancellation policy

Ahlam Musandam Tours offers a 24-hour cancellation policy on Full day dhow cruise of the fjords of Musandam journeys and Musandam sea activities as per the packages chosen. So, worry not, if you’ve got a change of any plans, let us know.

Main Highlights of Musandam Overnight Dhow Cruise

1. Overnight Stay on Dhow With Full Day Cruise
The overnight sleep on Dhow with the whole day dhow cruise at Khasab Musandam is going to be an everlasting memory that you can narrate to the world. We promise to offer a unique Overnight Stay on a Dhow Cruise.
2. Traditional Lunch, B.B.Q. Dinner & Breakfast & Unlimited Refreshments
As we move on to exploring the small villages, each traveler will be served a delicious BBQ Dinner, Breakfast, unlimited soft drinks, fruits, tea, and coffee.
3. Traditional Lunch
Traditional Omani Lunch (fried rice, fried chicken, Hummus, Arabic Bread, and green salad)
4. BBQ Dinner
BBQ dinner (Chicken, fish, fried rice, Arabic bread, hummus, and green salad)
5. Breakfast
Breakfast (bottled juices, boiled eggs, yogurt, bread, jam, banana, apple, orange, coffee, and tea)
6. Snorkeling and Swimming
Experience the clear waters, calm embrace, and the beauty of the Fjords while you snorkel and swim your way through it. Snorkeling Kits, Life Jacket, and towels will be provided to all our guests.
7. Music System & Playing Cards
Upon request, we shall play music while cruising through the Fjord and also provide playing cards upon request.
8. Sleeping Mattresses & Pillows
A good night’s rest overlooking the starlit night is something to look forward to. All our guests will be provided sleeping mattress, pillows, blankets and bed sheet.
9. Cushions and Lights on the Dhow
Experience the Middle Eastern culture with aesthetic elements, portraying the culture and traditions of Khasab Musandam. Carpets, Cushions, and Lights shall be draped around the Overnight Dhow to mesmerize and entice you for a great trip.
10. Toilet and Dress Changing Room
The Dhow has a fully functioning toilet and changing room to relax in and change into more comfy clothes.
11. Fresh Water for All Necessities
The dhow offers a fully functioning shower, hand wash, and tissue papers for all necessary requirements that you may have.
12. Rest assured, the overnight dhow is guided by experienced captains and guides who’ll take care of guests and show you a good time at Musandam Fjords.

We make sure you feel comfortable and don’t have any issues during the Musandam dhow cruise overnight. It’s going to be a trip that you’ll never forget.

Khasab Musandam Overnight on Dhow Tour has Two Options
Option A
Option A – Activities
Day 1
04.00 PM: Arrival in Khasab. Meet at Our Office
04.30 PM: Transfer to the dhow and move to camp location
07.30 PM: Barbeque Dinner and overnight on dhow
Day 2
08.00 AM: Breakfast on the Dhow
09.30 AM: Full Day Dhow Cruise
04.00 PM: Disembark Dhow. End of the trip and transfer back to Khasab
Option B
Option B – Activities
Day 1
09.30 AM: Arrival in Khasab. Meet at Our Office
10.00 AM: Embark for Full Day Dhow Cruise
07.30 PM: Barbeque Dinner and overnight on dhow
Day 2
08.00 AM: Breakfast on the Dhow
09.00 AM: Back to Khasab
09.00 AM: End of the trip
We would like to cordially invite you on a cruise of a lifetime. We're going to make this one of the happiest moments of your life!!
Things to remember while planning a trip to Khasab musandam
For a 10-day Oman visit, the visa is 05/-OMR or 50/- AED and, the UAE exit fee is 35/- AED each (UAE residents and UAE tourist visa holders)
Visas can be obtained from the border or guests can apply for an online visa at the Oman E-visa website.
You must carry a vehicle registration (Mulika) to cross the border.
If you are renting a car, remember to carry a NOC certificate from the car company to cross the border
One month of Oman insurance is available at the border at (OMR 10/-)
Sponsored (dependent) visa holders are only allowed with sponsors to cross the border.
Make sure your UAE resident visa will not expire within 90 days from the travel date.
Frequantly Asked Questions
Is there free parking in the Khasab dhow port?
Yes, there is enough free parking available in the Khasab Musandam dhow port.
How do I get to Khasab Musandam Dhow Cruise & Camping?
The process is quite simple if you’re going through Ahlam Musandam Tours. We’ll guide you to your destination and get you on the Khasab Musandam Dhow Cruise Trip. Our packages include a full-day cruise; however, to avail yourself on camping trips as well, we can add a customized plan for you as well.
How can I book a Khasab Musandam Overnight boat trip?
The overnight Dhow cruises are done on an exclusive basis, and we would like to request you to do advance bookings. It’ll help you save time and help you enjoy a hassle-free vacation. For quick booking: Call & WhatsApp 00968-98597784, mail@amtoursoman.com
Do I have to know how to swim to join the trip?
Whether you’re a skilled swimmer or non-swimmer you’re welcome. For non-swimmers, we will provide life jackets, which can keep you afloat and safe, and more comfortable in the water. All kinds of snorkelling gear shall be provided which will lead to a wonderful underwater experience.
Is it possible to book a Khasab Musandam private overnight dhow trip?
Yes, most overnight trips are on an exclusive basis, make sure that your booking is on a private/exclusive basis, for more privacy and comfort. It’s Ideal for a family vacation, an escape with friends, a honeymoon expedition, a birthday, a wedding anniversary, etc.
Is it possible to book a Musandam overnight dhow cruise tour from Dubai?
Yes, you can book an overnight boat trip from Dubai. We organize the trip with transportation, or you can book a self-drive basis. For quick and easy booking: Call & WhatsApp 00968-98597784, mail@amtoursoman.com

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