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Top 10 Tours And Things To Do In Khasab Musandam

Musandam Governorate is the smallest part of the Sultanate of Oman, Khasab is the central capital of the Musandam region. The city is surrounded by the northern mountains of the Western Hajar Range. The Portuguese built Khasab at the beginning of the 17th century, at the height of their naval presence in the region. Khasab was designed as a supply point for dates and water for Portuguese ships sailing through the Strait of Hormuz. the unusual combination of the desert Rocky Mountains landscape of Musandam gives it the title “Norway of the Middle East” It is beautiful in its own unique way, resembling the high rugged cliffs found in Norway. Musandam witnesses the extraordinary meeting of the mighty mountains and the emerald blue oceans. It is one of the most beautiful places that must be visited at least once in a lifetime.

What are the top tours, and things to do in Khasab Musandam? Khasab Musandam is one of the most famous touristic destinations in the Sultanate of Oman. from travelers’ feedback, sentiments, reviews, and expert opinions, we suggest the top 10 tours in Khasab Musandam. Not only this but there are other tours too if you have different suggestions and recommendations, we also respect everyone’s interest. Come and experience the tours in Khasab Musandam which after visiting, it would make you come again and again to this magical place. Once again, we heartily welcome you with warm smiles open arms, and hearts to this gorgeous and naturistic Khasab Musandam.

1. Full-day dhow cruise
Your Khasab Musandam trip is incomplete without a visit to the Musandam fjord dhow cruise. the natural community of dolphins welcomes you once you enter the fjord, they swim along with your traditional dhow, explore the historical Telegraph Island and discover the neighboring fishing Villages, swimming, and snorkeling in the crystal-clear water.

2. Half-day Mountain safari
It will be a memorable breathtaking off-road drive experience in a 4WD to Jebel Al Harim, the highest mountain peak in the region. offering breathtaking views of the glorious valley Scenic, a beautiful, and serene viewpoint of Khor Najd. amazing drive with paved roads all around the mountain

3. Overnight on a dhow
Overnight Stay on the Dhow is the best way to experience the Musandam Fjords under the starry night sky, don’t miss out on the chance to refresh yourself with your beloved one at night on the Dhow and awake to hug the fresh air and dawn. You can have an unforgettable night and day of your life on a traditional dhow in the Musandam fjords (24 hrs) with Lunch, BBQ Dinner, Breakfast, and unlimited refreshments.

4. Half-day dhow cruise
Every moment you get to spend on the Musandam fjords is a precious lifetime unforgettable moment. While the half-day dhow cruise to the fjord, you will get to enjoy the perks of Dolphin watching, swimming, and snorkeling near the historical Telegraph Island.

5. Full-day Mountain safari
A tour through the impressive mountains of Musandam in a comfortable 4WD, it is one of the most beautiful mountains in the Sultanate in general and the Musandam Governorate in particular. Along the way, you will be able to observe fossils dating back several million years. You will visit Khor Najad one of the best viewpoints in Oman, Al Rawdah village, Jebal Al Harim, and As Sayh.

6. Scuba Diving
Musandam is a unique and fantastic location for diving. You can really experience, amazing diving with curious creatures and lots of interesting underwater rock formations a variety of rays, batfish, leopard shark, angelfish, and lots of different nudibranchs are impressive. It will be the opening to a Colorful and breathtakingly beautiful entirely new world. There are caves, overhangs, and swim-throughs and it is possible to stay shallow and enjoy the coral or go deeper and chance something unusual.

7. Kumzar Village trip
Is it worth visiting Kumzar village? The famously remote town of Kumzar sits perched in solitary splendor at the northernmost edge of Musandam, Kumzar overlooks the Straits of Hormuz, one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. Nestled in an isolated bay close to the Strait of Hormuz, this fishing village is only accessible by boat. Kumzari people speak their own language known as Kumzari. Plan a trip to Kumzar and experience the stunning coastal scenery along the way and the beautiful views of the end of Oman’s loneliest city.

8. Fishing trip
Khasab Musandam is one of the best destinations for fishing. The Oman coastlines are very much alive with various fish, Especially in Musandam fjords and the deep sea, traditional fishing in Musandam is more than one of the main industries. many of the locals are engaged in fishing. you can really enjoy a memorable fishing experience in Khasab Musandam.

9. Kayaking
Khasab Musandam Fjords is well worth a visit as it inspires thousands with its beautiful mind-blowing scenery. Take a Kayak or a Rowing Boat for an outing in the precious crystal-clear water of Musandam fjords, if you are planning a trip to Oman, be prepared to fall in love with its extra-terrestrial nature, deep and tortuous bays with rocky shores, which cut deep into the land. The famous Musandam fjords are a real promised sea for kayakers.

10. Khasab Musandam beach camping
Experience the Khasab Musandam Beach camping with a full-day dhow cruise to the amazing fjord. A night on the remote beach campsite under the moonlight and staring stars, the next day on a traditional dhow in the awesome Musandam fjords, it is a delight to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the fjords on a sunny afternoon. You can really enjoy each and every moment with your beloved once.

The Most Exciting Attractions In Khasab Musandam

Khasab Castle (Khasab Fort)
Khasab Castle, also known as Khasab fort, is located on the eastern side of the Wilayat of Khasab in the old part of the city. It was an archaeological fortress built by the Portuguese in the 17th century around a much older circular tower.
This well-preserved fort now houses one of the best little ethnographic museums in Oman. This majestic piece of architecture was built on the remains of an ancient fortress before being reinforced by the Portuguese. The current fort hosts a history dating back nearly 250 years and was restored in 1990.
Working hours: From Saturday to Thursday (9 am – 4 pm), Friday (8 am – 11 am)
Entry fees: OMR 0.500 baizes per adult (USD 1.5/-)

Jebel al Harim
Jebel al Harim translates to “Mountain of Women” and inculcates incredibly steep and graded roads that lead travelers up the mountain. Jebel Harim being a mesmerizing location can only be accessed in a 4WD. The mountain is majestic and boasts of strongly striated sedimentary rock that casts the most exquisite shadows as the sun rises and dips.

The route to Jebel Harim is studded elegantly with limestone formations that are a sight to behold while the mountainside remains covered in earthy tones throughout most of the year. During the winter and spring months, greenery and shrubbery grow in patches, revealing a mountainside dotted with verdant spots that take the beauty of the peak to a whole new level.

Khor Al Najd
Khor Najd , also known as Khawr Najd is considered one of the best viewpoints in the Musandam peninsula. Witness one of the largest lagoons from viewpoints located in the Governorate of Musandam, tucked between the mountains and hidden away from the Strait of Hormuz. Experience an incredible drive up the mountain range to a spot at the height of 420m where tourists can feast on scenic vistas of the mountains and the blissful blue waters. The location is filled with its fair share of stunning views and cloud patterns surrounding cliffs from this spot. A steep downhill dirt track will take travelers to the beach used by local fishermen which shall be an exciting and thrilling endeavour for sure.

Al Khalidiya Acacia Forest & Children’s Park
Al Khalidiya Acacia Forest consists a 25-minute drive away from Khasab city. From the base of the track to Khor Al Najd, a road leads to the village of Sal Alaa and Al Khalidiyah, an inland bowl full of magnificent mature acacia trees that makes the vibe extremely comfortable providing for a natural view and a rare shaded picnic or camping spot. Spend a wonderful time in the green area and experience hiking over the mountain ranger. Additionally, a small park is also available for kids.

It’s a great place to visit in the winter and spring seasons in Khasab Musandam. A soft and luscious patch of grass and greenery will provide your mind and soul with the satisfaction you desire.

Al Sayh Plateau
Al Sayh Plateau is located at 1100m in height from sea level. This tiny natural plain surrounded by jagged limestone peaks has been a sustained farm for centuries and a charming place in the high mountains. However, this area is only accessible through 4WD vehicles.
In the winter, the plains are bright green and luscious with grass. Tourists can also witness beautiful palm trees, figs, and wheat that are regularly grown here.

Tawi Village (Rock Carving)
This Rock carving is situated about 8km from Khasab city center and lies in the village of Tawi. Reaching these petroglyphs is quite convenient, and all you need to do is to follow the road through Wadi Qida for 2.3km. At the end of the deep bay, you can see prehistoric rock carvings depicting (Drawing, Painting) Camels, Ships and Warriors, said to be more than 2000 years old. These authentic petroglyphs etched into two rocks on the left of the road are pieces of art that shall amaze your eyes and profoundly stimulate the mind.

Bukha Fort (Bukha castle)
Bukha fort also known as Bukha Castle is located about 25km south of Khasab. Reaching here involves a drive through the beautiful coastal road leading you to the small town of Bukha.

This Castle is a beautiful archaeological site overlooking the sea directly and adjacent to the Sultan Qaboos Mosque on the main street. There is also another castle in the same area overlooking the whole region wherein two forts await your exploratory skills.

The first, Al Qala’s Fort, actually lies in ruin; but you can still climb its imposing central tower to get a great view of the fort’s crumbling walls, and the bay below Bukha Fort is possibly even older than Khasab Fort. The fort holds a grisly part wherein prisoners used to be pegged to the lower courtyard and drowned by the incoming tide. Experience the grandeur and true history of the fort that awaits your presence.

Bassa Beach
Bassa Beach is One of the best shoreline areas in Musandam to chill out with family and friends in the evenings. Located 2km from the city center and within walking distance from the Khasab cruise ship terminal, this sandy beach has shade and scenery that can be considered ‘fruits to the eyes’. The beach boasts vivid scenery, has clean and crystal-clear water hosts one of the best places for camping and BBQ, and is considered a swimmer’s favourite beach location. When the sky is clear and blue, witness the beautiful Iranian mountains from the beach.

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