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The beauty of certain locations can be captured in pictures, but in some locations, you’ve got to experience it with your own eyes. 

Filled with natural beauty, mesmerizing water bodies, high mountain ranges, fishing villages, and also our cute resident Musandam dolphins, Khasab Musandam is a location that is well worth a visit. It is a beautiful location that is situated within Oman and is known as “The Norway of Arabia”, for all the right reasons. 

Khasab Musandam also hosts a divine selection of stunning seashores, underwater reefs, corals and great sea adventures that include snorkelling and deep-sea diving. 

So, if you’re planning for an experience of a lifetime, Ahlam Musandam Tours has got your back with the best Khasab Musandam tour packages.

Experiencing Khasab Musandam, the ‘fun’ way:

Through Ahlam Musandam Tours, we believe that a vacation should be 10% travel, 10% planning and 80% fun. With our Khasab Musandam Oman tour packages, we’ll do the planning for you and also offer an array of services to make your vacation, one that will be remembered for years to come. So without further adieu, here are the services offered through our musandam oman tour packages.

Dhow Cruise:

The Khasab Musandam Dhow cruise shall offer you a chance to experience snorkelling, explore the location, endeavour on adventures and meet some cute dolphins along the way. Here are the highlights of the Dhow Cruise:

  • Enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Musandam Fjords.
  • Enjoy snorkelling and swimming near Telegraph Island.
  • Travel to the fishing villages like Nadifi, Qanah, Maqlab, Sham and Seebi and interact with Dolphins in this area.
  • Nourish, relax and gorge on soft drinks, fresh fruits, beverages and Oman cuisine throughout the trip.
  • We offer:
    Half day dhow cruises
    Overnight dhow cruises and
    Full day dhow cruises as well.

Mountain Safari to Jebel Harim:

The highest peak in Khasab Musandam is Jebel Harim, at 2087 metres. From the summit, one can observe the magnificence that Khasab Musandam has to offer.

The name Jebel Harim is derived from the term “Mountain of Women.” The peak was given its nickname after a string of sinister incidents involving Omani women hiding high in the mountain to avoid being abducted by pirates while men were away fishing.

The view, however, is magnificent and truly mesmerizing. Through Ahlam Musandam tours, you can either Trek, Hike or even take 4WD to the top. Through our Musandam Oman tour packages, we’ll take care of all requirements required for an unforgettable trip to Jebel Harim. If you’re travelling from Dubai to Khasab Musandam, Our Dubai to Musandam tour package shall take care of the rest. 

Scuba Diving:

Isn’t it exciting to witness a world parallel to ours underwater? 

Khasab Musandam hosts a plethora of scuba diving locations and through our service, the dhow cruise offers you the opportunity for scuba diving as well. 

Through the dhow cruise, travellers are offered diving and snorkelling activities at Telegraph island and Seebi island as well.

Experience crystal clear waters and snorkelling activities with guidance from our team through Ahlam Musandam tour packages.

Pick up and drop off:

Ahlam Musandam tours believe that hospitality is the top priority. So, we offer pick-up and drop-off services for guests travelling from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Sharjah, and Fujairah. So, you’ll be taken care of the minute you get down at Khasab Musandam.

Other wonderful locations:

Our Khasab Musandam cruise packages shall also offer services to visit different locations in and around Khasab Musandam. Khasab Musandam is home to beautiful beaches, villages and mountain ranges that will mesmerize you. Check out the destinations & activities to explore at Khasab Musandam here. When you’re travelling from the wonderful city of Dubai, we’ve got your back through our Dubai to Musandam tour packages.

Khasab Musandam Oman Tour Packages

Dubai to Khasab Musandam Travel Guide 

A Note from Ahlam Musandam Tours:

Khasab Musandam is a mesmerizing location to explore when you’re in Oman. Explore the beauty, grandeur and magnificence of Khasab Musandam through convenient musandam oman tour packages offered by us. Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you plan out a wonderful tour of a hidden gem, known as Khasab Musandam.

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